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This month, At A Glance offers you a selection of the 383 activities of all kinds that drive the city’s most exciting square kilometre.


August 30 to October 15

This unprecedented event presents an artistic and sensory experience spanning the entire Quartier des Spectacles, with more than 20 artworks created especially for Montreal by local and foreign artists from a wide range of disciplines – everything from visual arts to architecture. The works share a theme – good neighbours – specified by curators Melissa Mongiat and Mouna Andraos of Daily tous les jours. As a result, the works suggest different ways of living together. The creations are immersive, participatory or purely visual, and can be found on building façades, in squares and parks, and on sidewalks, giving visitors new perspectives, both surprising and inspiring, on the city. (+)




September 1 to October 8

It's the first play by Icelandic writer Audour Ava Olafsdottir, author of five acclaimed novels and an art history professor at the University of Iceland. In this family drama, a woman who has just lost her husband is astonished to find out, during a family dinner, how her children really see her. One revelation follows another, and each character is forced to adjust their expectations of their loved ones. Like any ordinary family, this one is not really ordinary! (+)



Saint-Denis Street
September 6 to 9

A quintessential back-to-school festival, this event on Saint-Denis St. will celebrate new music and art for a seventh year. In addition to a fine musical line-up, the event has plenty of visual art, street art and comedy, plus loads of activities like mini-golf, climbing and a bunch of different games. Students won’t want to miss the Hay Babies and Fred Fortin, former NWA DJ Yella and rapper Koriass. (+)



September 5 to 30

Lamparium is a visual and musical immersion in the world of light, a poetic three-dimensional film created by Cie IKB and multidisciplinary artist Séverine Fontaine, who designed and produced the work. The captivating piece makes a great introduction to immersive art, sure to delight everyone from the uninitiated to experts. Surrounded by real and virtual light sources, the audience watches as animated lamps with anthropomorphic qualities evolve in both real and imaginary spaces. The creation is presented in the Satosphère – an immersive theatre with a 360° spherical screen. An experience that sheds new, magical light on our everyday environment. (+)



Wilder Building – Espace danse – Agora
September 20 to 23

After dancing for several great Canadian and international choreographers and serving as a long-time member of the RUBBERBANDance Group, this accomplished performer is now on her own as a solo artist. In 2012 she presented her first choreography, Les mêmes yeux que toi, on the theme of mental illness, revealing a particular fascination with personal intuition. Now she’s back with Mécanique nocturne, a new piece directed by Marie Brassard, celebrating impulsiveness and exploring the primitive state and the ineffable workings of creativity. (+)



September 22 to October 1

The 23rd annual edition of this celebration of literature in all its forms looks to be particularly exciting. There are surprising duos, tributes to major authors, and even a public, open-air component in Les Jardins Gamelin. Actress Émilie Bibeau will perform her own pieces as part of the show Chronique d’un coeur vintage, on September 25 at Salle Claude-Léveillée in Place des Arts. And anyone who enjoys Dany Laferrière’s books won’t want to miss their chance to meet the novelist as well as Et si notre vie était une fête ? (+)



Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
September 13 to 27

It’s rare for a comedian who’s still touring his first one-man show to start performing his second! But that’s just what the 2014 Olivier award winner for best new talent is doing. Blessed with excellent comic timing and already very experienced for his age, the young storyteller earned exceptional word-of-mouth for his first piece, Tout court, seen by tens of thousands of people. Now he’s back on stage to deliver his hilarious monologues, which come with the warning that audiences should expect something completely unexpected... (+)

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September 6 to October 14

An exhibition that pays tribute to libraries as places of learning, reflection and even relaxation, and an invitation to think about how we read text and images. The exhibition space becomes a reading room, inviting visitors to browse a series of publications documenting the artistic process of participants in the current edition of MOMENTA. There’s also a printed project by Canadian conceptual artist Micah Lexier, and a video program of works by Canadian artists David Hartt and Nelson Henricks, Erin Shirreff of the United States and France’s Valérie Mréjen. (+)



Vox - Centre de l’image contemporaine
September 6 to October 15

Le mois de la photo is evolving – it’s adopted a new name and identity for its 15th annual edition. This year’s theme is the concept of photographic evidence. The event’s mission is to tackle the big questions related to still and moving images, and to showcase a diverse palette of Canadian artists. The works on display invite us to think about the photograph’s role as a record of reality. While photos may be images of the real world, they are undeniably distanced from the realities they represent. A show that forces us to open our eyes as wide as we can. (+)



Place des Festivals
September 15 to 17

Since its inaugural performance in 2009, this event has travelled the world, with hundreds of people participating from Mexico to New Zealand to South Korea. In this commemorative edition, 375 amateur dancers of all ages and backgrounds will celebrate Montreal’s 375th by line dancing for the fun of it. The end of the performance is just the beginning of the evening, as the Place des Festivals becomes a giant dance floor where everyone is invited to join the dancers and shake it to POIRIER’s always great selections. (+)



Place des Arts Esplanade
September 18 to 30

Expo 67 is considered one of the most successful universal expositions of the 20th century, and it left an indelible mark on Montrealers’ collective memory. This exhibition, conceived and assembled by Karine Lanoie-Brien and produced by the NFB, brings the famous Man and His World to the heart of the city, turning the Place des Arts Esplanade into a giant cinematic island. Archival footage and an immersive soundtrack will transport the audience back in time, putting them in the centre of the historic fair and its highlights. (+)

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Théâtre Maisonneuve – Place des Arts
October 11 to 28

If you love contemporary dance, you won’t want to miss these two dances inspired by classical-music masterpieces performed by the top-notch Orchestre des Grands Ballets. First, enjoy a dance piece by up-and-coming Romanian choreographer Edward Clug, who chose an iconic Baroque piece, Stabat Mater by Italian composer Pergolèse, to convey a vital message of hope. In the second part, Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony provides the soundtrack for a rich, complex creation by German choreographer Uwe Scholz, who died prematurely a decade ago. (+)



Théâtre St-Denis 1
October 17 to 21

Quebec’s most famous hypnotist has become a worldwide star in the field. He holds the world record for most people hypnotized simultaneously, and his shows have been seen by more than a million people. But that doesn’t mean any of the mystery is gone. On the contrary, he’s continuing his exploration of the human mind with the aim of enhancing its properties. Now he’s back in Quebec with a new show, an interactive gathering during which he will stimulate and awaken the audience’s senses through some intriguing and surprising experiments.   (+)



Théâtre du Nouveau Monde
October 24 to November 5

A quarter century after he died, Yves Montand is still in our hearts. Apart from his famous face and unique charm, we’ve never forgotten his songs, which remain as irresistible as ever. Now “Montand” is back on stage, portrayed by one of the most talented actors of his generation, Lambert Wilson. A musical tribute to a 20th century great, the show features the actor, accompanied by a six-piece band, retracing the beloved artist’s career and rediscovering his classic songs. (+)



Club Soda
October 25

The Canadian singer, who moved to New Zealand early in her career, is sometimes compared to the late Amy Winehouse for her attitude, rich voice and artistic sensibilities, but she’s no clone. Her five albums, released over the last decade, have made her one of her adopted country’s most popular musicians, and her international star is rising fast. A life-long fan of country and soul (in the 90s, she was a member of the family band The Neilsons), she also has a talent for blues and rockabilly, and always gives her deeply personal songs a moving rendition. (+)



Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier – Place des Arts
November 29 and 30

With her debut, Stepping Out (1993), the Canadian pianist and singer came to the attention of famed jazz producer Tommy LiPuma, who helped make the Nanaimo native one of the most popular artists in the world by producing 10 of her next 12 albums, including her latest critically acclaimed set, Turn Up The Quiet, made just before LiPuma passed away. The album, which will form the core of this Montreal concert, is a collection of covers of American jazz greats like Cole Porter and John Mercer. (+)



Maison symphonique de Montréal
October 20

Spain is in the spotlight with this sensuous and energetic concert of works by three composers. There’s the famous Spanish Cappricio by Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov, who made his name with the piece. There will also be performances of La Vida Breve and the Three-Cornered Hat by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, starring local mezzo-soprano Marjorie Maltais. Lastly, the audience will be treated to the world premiere of an original creation by a Montrealer of Spanish extraction, José Evangelista, Concerto pour marimba, featuring Julien Bélanger on the marimbas and conductor Alain Trudel. (+)

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