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This month, At A Glance offers you a selection of the 677 activities of all kinds that drive the city’s most exciting square kilometre.

Le Printemps nordique

Multiple venues - Place des Arts
April 4 to 29

This is the first event of its kind to be held in Quebec: a showcase initiated by the Place des Arts, for artistic and cultural creativity from five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden – with emphasis on humanism and environmental conscience. More than 80 international artists will participate, performing everything from theatre and dance to circus and digital arts. There will also be 15 free activities to complete your total Nordic immersion! (+)




Agora de la danse -
Wilder Building
April 4 to 14

Remember TV sets with cathode ray tubes? Choreographer Dana Gingras collected 24 of them to create the backdrop for an0ther, a work that’s part installation, part performance, part concert. With avant-garde duo Group A and multimedia artist Sonya Stefan, Gingras looks at the transformation of the body and its disconnect from dominant advertising imagery. (+)


Les Planètes

Society for Art and Technology (SAT)
Until April 7

What happens when an artist, a pianist and a composer/orchestra conductor get together? An immersive real time concert based on a piano-light work. The cradle of digital art in Quebec, the Society for Art and Technology and its famous Satosphère, deliver exquisite experiences under the dome. Just lie down on a cozy beanbag and let your eyes and ears take over. (+)


Discrete Figures

April 13

A sneak preview of the popular digital art and electronic music festival MUTEK_IMG. Rhizomatiks Research and Elevenplay, comprising a dozen Japanese artists, engineers and dancers, presents this highly original show. Cutting-edge technology serves art in this dance in which five performers interact with drones and other networked objects. (+)


Danza en familia workshops

Wilder Building – Espace Danse
April 14 and 15

Spanish artist Juan Eduardo Lopez invites you to dance as a family and discover art through movement and play. For these three workshops, presented in collaboration with local choreographers Emmanuel Jouthe, Katie Ward and Milan Gervais, Lopez gives kids ages 4 to 12, along with their parents, the chance to be part of a stimulating creative activity that they won’t soon forget. (+)


Molinari Quartet & Pictures at an Exhibition

Maison symphonique de Montréal
April 20

Led by conductor Nicholas Carter, the Molinari Quartet performs classic and modern pieces inspired by the visual arts: the Four Sea Interludes by Benjamin Britten, from the opera Peter Grimes; L’Étoile noire by François Morel, a piece that owes its name (“black star”) to the famous painting by Borduas; and Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, as arranged by Ravel. Lastly, the Quartet will play a piece by Montreal composer Samy Moussa. (+)


Blue Metropolis

Multiple venues
April 20 to 29

Each year, this charitable organization hosts an international literary festival as a key part of its mission – bringing together people from all walks of life to share the joys of reading and writing. By appealing to readers who lack a shared language or background, the foundation promotes creativity and cross-cultural understanding. The foundation also has year-round educational and social programs, both in person and online. (+)



Space Monkey

Various building façades in the Quartier des Spectacles
April 5 to May 31

Are you ready for interstellar disco? This April and May, Space Monkey will transform the projection sites of the Quartier des Spectacles into dance floors! In this digital architectural work by New York City’s Dawn of Man collective, a charming dancing monkey, complete with space helmet, pops up unexpectedly with his friend Banana Man on the building façades. Will Montrealers accept his invitation to dance? Count on it! (+)


21 Balançoires / 21 Swings

Promenade des Artistes
April 9 to May 27

It should come as no surprise that this fun installation is a huge success when it makes its annual return to the Promenade des Artistes. Custom-made for the Quartier des Spectacles, the swings offer a musical collaboration experience that’s different every time, and as much fun for adults as for kids. Each time a swing moves, it plays a musical note. When people start collaborating, a melody emerges. Hands down, the best swing set ever! (+)


Passages à découvert

Galerie de l’UQAM
April 26 to May 5

Check out some of tomorrow’s most innovative new artists! Passages à découvert takes a look at art coming out of the university – a rare chance for the public to see what drives the energetic students in UQAM’s visual and media arts program. The show focuses on pieces by this year’s graduating class, with everything from painting to digital art to sculpture. An interdisciplinary art show that’s as expressive as it is eclectic. (+)



Until August 26

This interactive work by the famous Berlin design THE CONSTITUTE studio transports Montrealers to the heart of Berlin. As you stand on the sidewalk, the giant touch screens take you to a different street – 6,000 km away! Plus, watch the films projected on the windows of the Goethe-Institut to see an entire ordinary day in the life of a city that’s so far, yet also so very near. (+)

Coming SOON


Mouvements Libres

Place Émilie-Gamelin
May 25

Get ready for a unique blend of sports and art! The 300 participants in this activity will transform their bikes into free-speech platforms using the AgitPOV, a small device that clips to the bike’s wheel and displays a word as the cyclist rides. This text-in-motion performance will roll through the streets of the Quartier des Spectacles along a carefully planned route. The special happening will of course be captured in images. (+)



Salle Pierre-Mercure, Centre Pierre-Péladeau - UQAM
June 5 to 7

Vancouver-based choreographer Chrystal Pite’s latest work is a sublime rhythmic piece with an unabashedly theatrical foundation, and will be presented during the TransAmériques Festival (FTA). Enter her expressionistic dreamlike world – it’s like a waking dream that stays with you, in which flashing strobe lights and dramatic makeup create an otherworldly cabaret ambiance. Working with actor and playwright Jonathon Young, Pite has created an enthralling world with some stories to tell, from dark comedy to tragedy. (+)


Kamasi Washington

June 30

This world-famous sax player from Los Angeles, a graduate of UCLA’s ethnomusicology program, has been a star of the jazz stage since the mid-2000s. He released his first solo album, The Epic, in 2015 and has shone in collaborations with stars like Herbie Hancock, Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar. He takes his inspiration as much from funk and R&B as from jazz greats like Coltrane and Sun Ra. FIJM now invites him to Montreal. (+)

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